For making excellent olive oil there are three important factors to consider:

  • Olive producer
  • Olive oil extraction factory.
  • Storage. Bottling. And distribution

Olive oil extraction is the heart of the olive oil industry.

The following equipment and methods are required for successful olive oil extraction:
the correct machinery, the quantity and quality of the water used for the extraction, the temperature of the olive oil treatment, the time of the extraction, the separation of different varieties and condition of the olive before the extraction and many more are the most important in producing quality olive oil

Regardless of the effort made by the producer in creating olives of quality, if the extraction method of the extraction factory is not carried out correctly, then the olive oil obtained will be of low quality and its is difficult to be recognized by the bottler at the time it is produced and bottled, so the bottler will only discover this only after a period of time which will then be too late

It is therefore significant to combine the olive oil extraction process, storage, and bottling by the same person, as this would guaranty its superiority in quality.

We believe that this is the most effective way to protect our quality of olive oil and this is what we do. We produce the olive oil in our own olive oil factory, store it ourselves, and bottle it ourselves.

We use the most technologically advanced machinery, which uses as little water as possible needed for the extraction. After the crushing of the olive to obtain all the water solute substances, which are so much important to the human body and aroma the extraction is carried out at the appropriate temperature in completely stainless steel construction and under the ISO 9001 and HACCP conditions.