About us

Extra virgin olive oil with olives from CyprusIn the past, the producers use to pay for olive oil extraction with a percentage of their olive oil. This forced the company Elaiourgia Lemesou to be the first in Cyprus to bottle their own olive oil.

In 1960 a law was introduced that specified the categories and the health recruitments for the olive oil extraction and bottling, Ioannis Pettemerides established a new company called Ioannis Pettemerides which continued to bottle and distribute virgin olive oil in Cyprus until 1965.

The Introduction of the law made the government the prior handler in olive oil bottling and distribution. This also meant great limitations to the Ioannis Pettemerides extraction factory and was forced to bottle a blend of refining kernel olive oil with virgin olive oil, which was excluded from the monopoly law.

This continued until the introduction of Cyprus in the European Union. In the meantime, a new company was established in 1980 called Elaiourgia Pettemeride ltd which introduced to Cyprus the new technology of olive oil extraction by centrifugal force decanter in their new olive oil factory in Erimi on the west side of Limassol, and an effort was made by going in high Court for an announcement that monopoly law as unconstitutional but with no results. The introduction of Cyprus in Europe demolished all these monopolies and left Cyprus olive oil almost with no base for exporting.

Today, Elaiourgia Pettemeride has the most up to date olive oil centrifugal extraction factory using waterless extraction and bottling Amathus oil extra virgin/ virgin olive oil. These are produced in the olive oil extraction factory owned and controlled by the company. This is most important due to the fact that the extraction holds secrets that make all the other efforts carried out by the producer or the bottler useless if the extraction is not carried out correctly.

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