Olive oil extraction

How olive oil is made?

Fresh olive oil after extraction

“Olive oil extraction is the heart of the olive oil industry.”

1st Step: Choice the highest quality olives.

We always choose the reliable olive Cypriot producers.


2nd Step: Olive washing.

Wash with the right amount and quality of water until all foreign materials are removed, such as leaves, stones, twigs.

3rd Step: Olive crunching.

The olives are crushed and milled into a olive paste.

4th Step: Malaxation.

The olive paste is slowly mixed. The paste is heated to around 27 °C during this step, because this temperature is important for organoleptic and chemical characteristics of olive oil (flavor, acidity).

5th Step: Olive oil extraction.

The olive oil is separated from water and the rest of the olive components by centrifugation.

6th Step: Bottling of olive oil.


Storage the fresh extra virgin olive oil with low acidity, high polyphenols, fruity flavor and golden green color in stainless steel olive oil tanks. Before the storage of olive oil, we do chemical analysis (acidity value, peroxide value, refractive index etc.)

The Amathus oil – olive oil is bottled in food grade bottles and labeled (batch number, expiration date, nutritional value) with required conditions.

What is the key for a successful safety process?


-We apply the rules of personal hygiene and follow the requirements of ISO 22000:2005.

According to EU, there are 9 olive oil producing countries, the one of this is Cyprus.

It is therefore significant to combine the olive oil extraction process, storage, and bottling by the same person, as this would guaranty its superiority in quality.

We use the most technologically advanced machinery, which uses as little water as possible needed for the extraction.

We believe that this is the most effective way to protect our quality of oliv

e oil and this is what we do. We produce the olive oil in our own olive oil factory, store it ourselves, and bottle it ourselves.

The father of Western medicine, the Hippocrates called the olive oil as “the great healer” for its therapeutic effects on health.