Organic cold pressed walnut oil


The organic cold pressed walnut oil is from first pressing.

Brand name: Kalloni

Type of package: glass bottle

Net weight: 100 ml

Country of production: Cyprus

Certificates: ISO 22000:2005 & Organic certification (Lacon)

Extra info:

It is ideal for Keto and Vegan diet.

Gluten free.

High concentration of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.


Organic cold pressed walnut oil

The organic cold pressed walnut oil is an unrefined and delicious oil. It means it has high quality and more nutrients than chemical extracted walnut oil.

How to use the organic cold pressed walnut oil?

-Firstly, it can be used in recipes for cold dishes, such as salads, pasta, sauces, dressings, dips and soups. Also, you can use it in grilled or roasted meat or fish that will be enhanced by the delicate nutty taste and aroma.

It should be noted that avoid the cooking it, because this nutty oil has a low smoke point.

Furthermore, you can find tasty recipes with walnut oil at Yummly’s page.

-Secondly, you can boost skin health! How it is used for skin?

It’s simple, consuming walnut oil boosts your body with omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids, which are important for skin health. Surely, applying it on your face also moisturizes, promotes the disappearance of acne, decreases the signs of ageing.

Ingredients: 100% organic cold pressed walnut oil

Allergen info: Walnut and may contain traces of almond and peanut

What nutrients are in it?

First, we must know what the nutritional value of walnut oil.

Nutritional value (per 100 ml):

Energy: 3698 kJ/ 884 kcal

Total fat:  100 g

of which

      • saturates: 9,1 g
      • monounsaturates: 22,8 g
      • polyunsaturates: 63,3 g

Carbohydrates: 0 g

      • of which sugars: 0 g

Proteins: 0 g

Salt: 0 g

Vitamin E: 39,5 mg

Vitamin K: 15 μg

Additionally, it contains:

  • phytosterols and polyphenols
  • trace elements, such as selenium, choline, zinc, phosphorus, manganese 
  • melatonin

What are the health benefits of nutty oil?

  • reduces cholesterol levels, helping to keep your arteries clear.
  • decreases blood pressure
  • prevents the Type II diabetes, in other words, helps to lower blood sugar levels
  • helps prevent the risk of heart disease
  • anti-cancer properties (mainly due to ellagic acid)
  • boosts not only memory but also brain function
  • promotes healthy weight, while losing weight
  • boosts the immune system
  • has surely anti-inflammatory properties
  • reduces the damage suffered by Alzheimer’s disease
  • reduces endothelin levels (which cause poor functioning of the arteries)
  • setting the internal body clock (melatonin-hormone)

Certificates: ISO 22000:2005 & Organic certification (Lacon)

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Organic cold pressed walnut oil

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